Olivo NZ

Vanilla Infused Olive Oil Recipes





For starters or canapes with drinks:
Drizzle Olivo vanilla infused olive oil over potato rosti.

For a delicious main course:
Try Olivo vanilla olive oil drizzled over a luxurious seafood medley; prawns, crayfish and scallops.

Try Olivo vanilla olive oil mashed into your potatoes.

Try Olivo vanilla oil drizzled over poached apricots, pears, peaches, or tamarillos with shavings of rich, dark chocolate and a blob of vanilla ice cream on the side. Or you could barbecue your fruit and drizzle the vanilla oil over when completed.

Cuisine magazine has a recipe for Olive oil, dried fig and pistachio ice cream that looks as though it would really be fabulous with vanilla olive oil. I will let you know when I have tried it.

Add to your favourite muffin recipe.

Vanilla seared stone fruit with nut dressing and yoghurt

You can use whatever stone fruit is around - I used peaches for this recipe but apricots or plums would work equally well. If using fresh fruit, you do need to sear the fruit; if using tinned, just toss in some vanilla olive oil. Serves 4

Peaches, plums or apricots for 4

2 tablespoons vanilla infused olive oil

Greek yoghurt to serve


Knob of butter

2 oranges, finely grated zest - use one for juice

1/2 cup chopped mixed nuts - I used walnuts, almonds and pinenuts here

2 tablespoons honey

1 teaspoon orange blossom water (optional)

1/4 cup water

Halve the fruit and remove the stone. Sprinkle with vanilla infused olive oil. Heat a griddle or frying pan over a moderately high heat, add fruit and sear until coloured on both sides. If using tinned fruit, you can omit the searing stage; just drain and toss the fruit in vanilla olive oil. Remove to a plate.

Use the same pan to make the dressing. Warm the butter and orange zest, add the nuts and stir over a moderate heat for a few minutes until toasted. Stir in the orange juice, honey, orange blossom water (if used) and water.

Add the seared or tinned fruits to the pan and simmer until the fruit is tender, the sauce is syrupy and is reduced by half. These stages can be done several hours ahead and gently reheated before serving.

Serve the warm stone fruit with a dollop of yoghurt and drizzle with the warm nut dressing, finished with another drizzle of vanilla olive oil.

Kiwi Peach Melba

½ peach – fresh, poached or good quality canned for the number of people you are serving

Vanilla ice-cream

2 large dark red dried boysenberries

Drizzle of vanilla infused olive oil

Assemble in individual dishes. Peach in the base, vanilla ice-cream in the centre of the peach, boysenberries artfully on the side and drizzle with the vanilla olive oil.