Olivo NZ

Vanilla Infused Olive Oil Recipes


For starters or canapes with drinks:
drizzle Olivo vanilla infused olive oil over potato rosti.

For a delicious main course:
Try Olivo vanilla olive oil drizzled over a luxurious seafood medley; prawns, crayfish and scallops.

Try Olivo vanilla olive oil mashed into your potatoes.

Try Olivo vanilla oil drizzled over poached apricots, pears, peaches, or tamarillos with shavings of rich, dark chocolate and a blob of vanilla ice cream on the side. Or you could barbecue your fruit and drizzle the vanilla oil over when completed.

Cuisine magazine has a recipe for Olive oil, dried fig and pistachio ice cream that looks as though it would really be fabulous with vanilla olive oil. I will let you know when I have tried it.

Add to your favourite muffin recipe.